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This is HUGE: The Working Family Party Endorses Run Warren Run


Last night, The New York Times broke news that the Working Families Party of New York State voted to encourage Elizabeth Warren to run for president. As MoveOn.org Civic Action Executive Director Anna Galland said, “This is a big deal!”

The New York Working Families Party is a major force in the fight for progressive change. They fight to support issues like raising the minimum wage, paid sick days, taxing the wealthy to better fund our schools, winning green jobs legislation, and more. Do these issues sound familiar? They should, because they are the same issues that Elizabeth Warren champions.

The Working Families Party knows what they’re doing when it comes to getting candidates elected. They recently played a pivotal role in electing the first New York City Democratic mayor in more than 14 years—Mayor Bill De Blasio. They are willing to do what it takes; knocking doors, making calls, and getting involved in campaigns that matter to working families.

With support from millions of Americans and the support of some of the country’s largest progressive groups—including MoveOn.org, Democracy for America, and now The Working Families Party—it’s clear that the momentum for Elizabeth Warren is growing every day.

Click here to join the growing effort to encourage Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for president!