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The Run Warren Run Campaign Takes Over The Cover Of The Nation


I wanted to make sure you saw that the Run Warren Run campaign is currently featured as the cover story for The Nation. Our efforts are not going unnoticed—in fact they are being noticed across the country.

As MoveOn.org PAC Executive Director Ilya Sheyman said in the piece, “We need to show her that there are moments in politics where the moment meets the person. And this particular moment was built for Elizabeth Warren.” 

As we can continue to fight to show Elizabeth Warren the groundswell of support that she has, one thing is becoming abundantly clear: This is Elizabeth Warren’s moment and we are ready to fight for her.



Elizabeth Warren Insists She’s Not Running for President. These Activists Are Trying to Change Her Mind.

“So far, Run Warren Run has hired five full-time organizers in Iowa and four in New Hampshire. It is committed to spending $1.25 million on the effort and plans to focus on person-to-person organizing on the ground in both states. Over a quarter-million people have already signed a petition urging Warren to run, and already some state legislators and county chairs are joining as supporters, a key element of any successful primary effort.