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The Entire Abortion Debate in Two Signs

Sometimes protest signs are still the best forms of communication, especially for a supposedly extremely complicated debate like abortion.

UPDATED: The woman in this picture decided to comment about why she felt so compelled to shoot this photo. Here’s what she said:

Oh hey everybody. This is me, the woman in the picture, and I just wanted to tell you what happened. After 10 years of watching these men trot out these pictures and incite shame and fear upon the women who use the clinic, we decided to take back our neighborhood and show some support for Planned Parenthood. The message is just hearts and smiles and We Love Planned Parenthood, but I had to make a sign just to take this picture, to point out to the gentlemen that it is certainly easy for them to sit back and tell women what to do with their bodies and run the anti-abortion movement when they have not been hyper-sexualized from the time they were a child, given little to no information or resources on how to prevent pregnancy or advocate for themselves, be economically under-privileged, the victim of sexual assault and rape, and potentially be denied the right to a simple medical procedure that is as old and natural as time itself. If I was a white, old, privileged retired man who cared about women and children I would work to end poverty, sexism, hunger, and violence. “The reality that our society urges some women to have children and punishes others, limits access by lying and misleading people who are not aware of their rights, and devalues motherhood so obscenely while systematically denying women the resources to prevent it is one of the most complex and deeply embedded racist, classist, sexist and colonialist notions of our time.” Sfirah Marcos Madrone Thanks for getting fired up about it! All the discussion about this pic is really great. I love Planned Parenthood. I trust womyn. I do think the prattle between Anti-Abortion and Pro-Choice is a dead end. This isn’t about whether abortion is right or wrong, we may never agree, this is about Reproductive Health and Justice for all people. About everyone having access to safe medical information and resources. Love, ms. adams

Betcha the old dude with the pro-life sign doesn’t have a come back.

Found by Alicia on Reddit.com.