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The Big Picture: The Medicare Solution

Dear fellow MoveOn member,

The best shot we’ve got at saving our broken health care system is to expand Medicare for all Americans.

But first, we have to make something very clear: Medicare critics are wrong. They say that Medicare is a problem. In fact,Medicare is more efficient than private health insurance. It’s the solution.  

Please watch and share The Medicare Solution to spread the word about what we can and must do to secure Medicarefor all.

The Medicare Solution is the latest video in the “Big Picture” series I’m working on with MoveOn.

Here’s the bottom line: Allowing all Americans to buy into Medicare through the exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act would strengthen Medicare and improve American health care, saving all of us money while boosting health outcomes. If you’re like me and you’re ready to reject partisan lies and tackle rising health care costs head-on, please watch and share TheMedicare Solution now.

Thanks for all you do.

–Robert Reich