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The 5 Best ‘Get Your Hands Off Our Medicare’ Moments From GOP Town Halls

Republicans everywhere have taken to town halls trying to sell a package that Americans aren’t buying: cuts to Medicare to pay for tax cuts for the super-rich. Here are five powerful rejections.


Orlando, FL – A gentleman in the crowd asks Rep. Dan Webster why, if 12 years of low taxes and no safety net have resulted in nothing for Florida except 11% unemployment, he and Rep. Paul Ryan would try to roll these policies out to 49 other states.


Hillsborough, NH – A senior citizen tells Rep. Charles Bass (R-NH) that she is not going to fall for “this divide and conquer strategy” and that all generations should be able to count on Medicare.


Carbon County, PA – A Medicare recipient tells Rep. Lou Barletta, “You seem to think that because I’m not affected I won’t care if my niece, my grandson, my child is affected. I do care. What you’re doing with this Ryan budget is you’re taking Medicare and changing it from a guaranteed health care system to one that is a voucher system where you throw seniors on the mercy of for-profit insurance companies…”


Fort Lauderdale, FL – A popular radio host, Nicole Sandler, is arrested at a town hall meeting for insisting on asking questions. Then she is held in solitary confinement and maced even after her bail is posted. (Note: This terrible, shameful incident is not a “best” moment at all, but we decided to include it anyway, to show what some pro-Medicare protestors are up against.)


Kenosha, WI – Amid shouts and accusations of lying, Rep. Paul Ryan, the “brains” behind destroying Medicare to fund tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires, decides to make a hasty and secretive exit—and then pretend like it was no big deal. Watch the video here:

To read more about all these incidents—and many more—check out this Medicare backlash round-up.

Originally reported and curated by Fox Nation, CrooksAndLiars, and The Political Carnival.