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MoveOn Mobilizers

As a Mobilizer, you’ll join a nationwide community of passionate grassroots organizers around the country and take action to build a more inclusive, progressive future.

Here’s what you can expect after joining the Mobilizers community:

  • Connect with likeminded individuals who like you want tomake a difference in building a country where everyone can thrive
  • Exchange information, tips, and inspiration to push through organizing challenges
  • Be invited to attend best in class movement trainings
  • Hear from MoveOn staff on the latest campaign updates and analysis
  • Lots of opportunities to win free MoveOn merchandise and even scholarships to conferences and trainings!

There is no time commitment when you join the Mobilizer community. You can take as many or as few actions as you feel called to—but we suspect you’ll find yourself hooked and in deep community with likeminded individuals who see MoveOn as their political home.

Join the Mobilizer community by scanning the QR code below to download the free “MoveOn Mobilizers” app on your phone or navigate on your desktop browser to mobilizers.moveon.org. Be sure to introduce yourself in the Mobilizers Watercooler group. We can’t wait to welcome you home!

A blue speaker icon on the left and a text saying MoveOn Mobilizers on the right.

Please note: only active MoveOn members will be accepted into the Mobilizers community.