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Tax Marches: Taking Action Saturday

After dodging interest in his tax returns for months as a candidate, Donald Trump promised Americans when he stepped into the Oval Office that, like every other president for 40 years, he would disclose possible conflicts of interest by making public his tax returns.

And then, nothing. Which is more than we’ve come to expect from Donald Trump.

The good news is we don’t have to wait for Donald Trump to suddenly change his mind on Tax Day when he sees thousands stream by the White House demanding his tax returns.

Nope, Donald Trump doesn’t have to voluntarily release his taxes—because Congress can get them for us. They just haven’t yet.

The GOP-led House has already voted at least seven times on whether to compel Trump to release his taxes. But they’ve voted it down. The Ways and Means Committee has authority to review important tax returns, and have voted on doing so, but have voted to keep a secret who pays Trump and what Trump pays. And the Senate Intelligence Committee could subpoena Trump’s taxes; they just haven’t.

Getting Trump’s taxes isn’t a question of legality or morality; it’s a question of political pressure.

That’s where we come in. On April 15, widely known as Tax Day, we’re amping up that pressure with the Tax March. In Washington, D.C. and at over 100 events around the country, communities are coming together to demand from their representatives that they get us Trump’s tax returns.

Join us! Check out TaxMarch.org to learn about the effort and find an event near you.