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How to talk to your family about ‘Feeling the Bern’

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Isn’t he a radical?

Actually, whether it’s climate change, wealth and income inequality, or paid family and medical leave, Bernie Sanders promotes ideas that the vast majority of Americans agree with.

Check out these articles with polling showing that the public agrees with Bernie on the issues:

Isn’t he unelectable?

Actually, if you look at the polls Bernie performs better against the leading Republican candidates than any other Democrat or independent.

See Real Clear Politics’ polling averages:

Isn’t the senator surrounded by annoying Bernie Bros?

Actually one of the strongest bases of support for Bernie is among millennial women. A recent article in Rolling Stone reports on this phenomenon and polls that explode the myth that Bernie is primarily supported by men.

Young women are a key element of Sanders’ support:

Is Vermont even a place?

Actually, it is. It is located between New York and New Hampshire and is home to many of America’s dairy farms, the best skiing on the East Coast, and of course, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Wikipedia says … yes, Vermont is a place: