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Take action to pass a clean Dream Act

Our message is clear: NOW is the time for members of Congress to show that they are listening and acting on their constituents’ demand for the clean Dream Act — or begin facing the consequences.

800,000 immigrant youth should never have been thrown into this kind of cruel chaos by Trump, as he did when he ended the successful DACA program

As Trump and the hardliner wing of the Republican party continues to escalate their extreme demands on immigration, it’s going to be up to each of us to make sure that Congress does not go home for the holidays until Dreamers and immigrant youth are no longer living in fear of deportation.

Take Action Now:

Sign the petition here: Congress: Pass a clean Dream Act now

Call your member of Congress here:

You can say, “We must defend DACA and 800,000 immigrants from deportation. Pass a clean Dream Act by the end of the year.”

Watch and Share Videos:

Read News From the October Week of Action

See all the events that happened here.

Read about an event in Pennsylvania here: Protesters demand justice for DREAMERS