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MoveOn statement on Rep. Nunes’ comments

MoveOn.org statement in response to Rep. Nunes’ comments that he would brief Donald Trump on potential new developments into the criminal investigation into Trump & Russia

In response to Nunes’ comments, MoveOn.org Civic Action Campaign Director Jo Comerford had the following statement:

“It is absurd and unprecedented that the chair of a Congressional committee investigating the White House would brief the White House on the investigation.

“Devin Nunes’ reckless and clearly partisan actions today prove he lacks the judgment and independence to oversee an investigation into possible collusion between Donald Trump and his associates with the government of Russia—and underscore why an independent commission and special prosecutor are so desperately needed.

“Congress must stop all business and focus on the creation of an independent commission and the appointment of a special prosecutor or the American people will never be able to trust that the Trump campaign did not in engage illegal collusion with a foreign government to sabotage a U.S. election.”