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Budget Showdown 2013: Expand Social Security


The mid-October deal to end the government shutdown produced a short term agreement that funds the government through January 15, 2014 and suspends the debt limit until February 2014. But it created a December 13 deadline for Congress to reach a budget solution, meaning that the nation could be enthralled in another budget showdown in a matter of weeks. The budget showdown inevitably means that “entitlement reform”—code for cuts to Social Security and Medicare—will be discussed in a possible compromise, as it’s seen as a reasonable, mature position for Democrats to take.

As a MoveOn member leading a campaign to expand Social Security, you’re sending a clear message to Congress: we need to increase Social Security benefits, not cut them!

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Use this hub to communicate with other MoveOn leaders about your campaign, its strategy, tactics, and wins, and news about Social Security. Ask questions like, “what message seems to be working with your Senator?” or “when’s the best time for us to launch a coordinated call-in day?”