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If House Bill Was ‘Mean,’ Senate Bill Is Cruel  

Moments ago, the Washington Post reported details of the Senate Republican health care bill that threatens to take away health insurance from tens of millions of Americans and raise costs and limit coverage for many more.

In reaction to this news, Anna Galland, executive director of MoveOn.org, released the following statement:

Our jaws are on the floor. This bill is worse than even our darkest fears. It will take a wrecking ball to health care in this country, leaving millions without care, making health care unaffordable for many, eliminating funding for Planned Parenthood, and giving massive tax cuts to the wealthy. Shockingly, this bill’s cuts to Medicaid are even deeper than those passed by the House—at a moment when Medicaid and Medicare should be dramatically expanded.

If the House bill was ‘mean,’ this bill is cruel.

Nothing remotely like this bill should be considered by any member of Congress, and amendments won’t get it into the ballpark of the compassionate and practical policy-making we need from our elected officials. As-is or with fig-leaf amendments, this bill would go down in history as the most cruel, destructive act of wealth transfer to the richest Americans at the expense of kids, low-income Americans, the elderly, those with disabilities, and the vast majority of Americans. It’s a moral disaster and political malpractice by any senators who dare to support it.

MoveOn members will work around the clock to defeat this bill and protect and improve coverage for all Americans.

Now that the bill is public, Senate Republicans have a choice. Do the right thing and protect our care. Or, if you boot millions of Americans off of health insurance, destroying Medicaid as we know it, slashing Planned Parenthood, and raising health care costs, know that your constituents will boot you out of office.

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