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Sen. Warren, MoveOn.org Release New Trump Tax Video Before Tax Marches: ‘Donald: The Time for Hiding Is Over’

As thousands of people nationwide prepare to join more than 150 Tax Marches this weekend to ask members of Congress to force Donald Trump to reveal what he’s hiding in his taxes, Sen. Elizabeth Warren takes on the issue—again.

*** See the video here: https://www.facebook.com/moveon/videos/10154314702610493/ ***

In a new video from MoveOn.org Civic Action, Sen. Elizabeth Warren blasts Donald Trump for his continued refusal to release his tax returns and makes the case that Americans deserve to see Trump’s taxes to know what he’s hiding.

“Donald Trump is hiding something,” the senior senator from Massachusetts says in the video. “And we know where he’s hiding it—not in a safe, not in a vault. Nope, he’s hiding it in his taxes.”

Watch: “The Cover-Up In Trump’s Taxes”
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MoveOn/status/852885042741248000
YouTube: https://youtu.be/VCgkqwXHXYk

Sen. Warren initially recorded a viral video on Trump’s taxes in June 2016 with MoveOn.org, which garnered more than 37 million views on Facebook.

The new video is being released in advance of the nationwide Tax March on April 15, when thousands of people nationwide will join hundreds of marches to draw attention to Trump’s refusal to show what’s hiding in his taxes. Trump was the first major presidential candidate to refuse to release his taxes in 40 years, breaking a precedent designed to ensure the American people had visibility into their president’s business dealings.

“Now, we don’t know much, but we do know that Trump hotels owe hundreds of millions of dollars to Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, the Bank of China,” Warren says. “We know he’s done business with Saudi princes, and even investors allegedly tied to the Russian mob. The American people definitely didn’t elect Wall Street, or Saudi Arabia, or Russia to run our country—but it seems like they’ve been renting ‘TRUMP’ for years. And that’s where the problem is: Not just an ethical problem, but who exercises influence—who really calls the shots—over the man who now sits in the White House.”

Warren continues: “On April 15, I hope Donald Trump looks outside his window. Thousands of Americans will be joining the Tax March for economic justice. People will be marching to demand that Washington stop working for the lobbyists and lawyers and billionaires and start working for the American people. People will be marching to tell Donald Trump they want to know who he is really working for and for Congress to force Donald Trump to release his taxes. Donald: The time for hiding is over.”

A new poll released Thursday by Global Strategy Group showed that 4 in 5 voters believe Trump should release his tax returns and are overwhelmingly “opposed to tax policies that benefit corporations and the rich,” with 90 percent of respondents agreeing there are “already too many special tax loopholes for the wealthiest Americans.” See the poll here.