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Sen. Bennet: Support the Iran Deal

A 60­-day clock started ticking the moment negotiators announced the Iran deal, meaning Congress will vote on whether to approve or derail this historic agreement in early September. We have 60 days to defend the deal and stop a war.

Sen. Bennet: Support the Iran Deal

Key Facts About the Deal

  1. ­This is a great deal.​ It prevents Iran from building a nuclear weapon and creates the strongest system of inspections we’ve ever negotiated to ensure that Iran doesn’t cheat. If Iran does cheat, sanctions snap back into place.


  2. If Congress sabotages the deal, the only alternative left to contain Iran’s nuclear program will be a long, costly war.​ War will have devastating consequences for the U.S. and our allies in the Middle East.


  3. If the United States violates the deal by refusing to lift sanctions, we will be blamed for the failure of diplomacy. ​The global sanctions regime will collapse. That will make it easier for Iran to build a nuclear weapon.


  4. This is one of the most important votes members of Congress will ever cast. ​Their choice is simple: Vote for peace or vote for war. There is no third option.


  5. The war hawks who want war with Iran are the same war hawks who took us to war in Iraq. ​We know how that ended up. The Republicans criticizing this deal are acting in bad faith. ​They don’t want diplomacy to work. At best, they want to undermine President Obama. At worst, they want another regime change war like the one they led us into in Iraq.


  6. Republicans can’t start their war without votes from Democrats. Democrats who vote to help Republicans undermine diplomacy and start a war should expect to answer for that decision for the rest of their political careers.