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Huge Win for Sanders in New Hampshire

Ilya Sheyman, executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action, had the following response to Bernie Sanders’ impressive victory in the New Hampshire Democratic primary:

“Tonight, the voters of New Hampshire gave an incredible boost to the political revolution spreading across the country. Granite State voters have proven that Bernie Sanders’ message of demanding real change to a system rigged in favor of giant corporations and the wealthiest few is resonating powerfully. We are taking our democracy back.

“Last month, MoveOn members voted overwhelmingly to endorse Bernie Sanders because we know he will stand up against an economic system rigged to favor the wealthy, demand justice for communities facing oppression, and say no to endless war. In the past few weeks, we have mobilized the 30,000 MoveOn members in New Hampshire to volunteer and vote for Bernie. Tonight, they made their voices heard.

“Tonight’s impressive win is a wake-up call to cynics who have had difficulty envisioning a departure from the status quo. The American people are fed up with a corrupt and broken political system, believe change is possible, and are ready to make it happen.

“The political revolution Senator Bernie Sanders is leading now has the momentum headed into Nevada, South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and beyond.”