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Run Warren Run Announces 39 Eastern Iowa County Leaders

Run Warren Run continues to build statewide infrastructure to back a Warren presidential bid and advance progressive causes in the 2016 race.

** See below for a list of county leaders and quotes from selected leaders. **

IOWA — The Run Warren Run campaign to encourage Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to run for president has identified 39 county leaders in Eastern Iowa, MoveOn.org Political Action announced today.

“Today’s announcement shows that Run Warren Run has built and continues to strengthen a statewide infrastructure that will be ready on day one if Sen. Warren announces,” said Run Warren Run Iowa Field Director Blair Lawton. “Our county leaders and teams are being trained and organized to carry Sen. Warren to victory in next year’s caucuses if she decides to run, and to push for progressive change on issues Sen. Warren champions from student debt relief to opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

These leaders will serve as points of contact for the Run Warren Run campaign in their county, supporting volunteers to organize visibility events, phone banks, letter-writing, social media, and other activities to demonstrate to Senator Warren that she has the support she needs in Iowa to run and win in the caucuses.

The Run Warren Run county leaders in Eastern Iowa include:

  • Allamakee: Scott Boylen
  • Appanoose: John Henry Matheny
  • Benton: Michaela Parbs
  • Blackhawk: William & Jane Teaford
  • Bremer: Stephanie Schwinn
  • Cedar: Kevin Gleaves
  • Chickasaw: Tami Haught
  • Clayton: Jean Hall
  • Clinton: Carole & Camilla McGuire
  • Davis: Rebecca Sue Ford
  • Delaware: Julie Hooker
  • Des Moines: Caroline Dalton
  • Dubuque: Mary Bichell
  • Fayette: Peggy Sherretts
  • Floyd: Calvin Adams
  • Grundy: Carol Gordon
  • Henry: Carrie Duncan
  • Howard: Laura Hubka
  • Iowa: Jennifer Lee
  • Jackson: Robert Rosheim
  • Jefferson: Carole Simmons
  • Johnson: Veronica Tessler
  • Jones: Jean Bliss
  • Keokuk: Michael Berg
  • Lee: Jeff Kurtz
  • Linn: Abbie Baker
  • Louisa: Stanley Staats & Gloria Newell
  • Mahaska: Frank Glasser
  • Mitchell: Sarah Elliott
  • Monroe: Ruth James
  • Muscatine: Don Paulson
  • Poweshiek: Anna Schierenbeck
  • Scott: Julia McMeekan & Sam King
  • Tama: Susan Sailsbury
  • Van Buren: Tim O’Connor & Margaret King
  • Wapello: Frank Flanders
  • Washington: Sara Williams
  • Winneshiek: Carl Haakenstad
  • Worth: Bryn Pangburn

Since launching in December, the Run Warren Run campaign has hired field and campus organizers on the ground in Iowa, opened offices in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, identified supporters in all 99 Iowa counties including prominent political and business leaders, and held more than 90 events in Iowa. Nationwide, more than 319,000 Americans have signed up to support the effort, and supporters have organized more than 400 events across the country.

“Elizabeth Warren can provide the well needed political reformation our country needs, while standing apart from corporate America,” said Floyd County Leader Calvin Adams. “With that in mind, who is better capable of representing the American people than Elizabeth Warren?”

“I support Elizabeth Warren because she believes in returning to the values and principles that made our country successful,” said Bremer County Leader Stephanie Schwinn. “Economic and social fairness, equal opportunities, courage, and strengthening the working and middle classes.”

“Elizabeth Warren is the candidate for me because she has been in my shoes. She didn’t grow up wealthy, she took out student loans, and understands the meaning of hard work,” said Scott County Co-Leader Julia McMeekan. “She’s fighting to help people like me who just need to be given the chance to succeed. Her goal is not to tear us down, but make us strong. I’m stepping up to be a county leader because I feel that this country needs a fighting hero, a person who takes risks. Elizabeth Warren is that hero. She’s fought continuously against big banks and corporations, the pharmaceutical companies and those who want to repeal our health care. She’s on the side of democracy and I owe it to my country to bring our democracy back.” 

“Elizabeth Warren is one of the few leaders in Washington who I don’t have to wonder what she stands for,” said Johnson County Leader Veronica Tessler. “But she doesn’t just paying lip service in the fight against big banks. She’s not just talking about the mountain of student loan debt that so many graduates face. She is fighting for middle-class and working class people every single day. Her track record of speaking truth to power speaks for itself. Elizabeth Warren understands how the system works and she knows where it’s failing the middle class. I’m stepping up to be a county leader because I believe that this moment was made for Elizabeth Warren, and it’s up to us to make sure she hears our call for her leadership in these critical times. It’s a time when hardworking Americans are begging for a level playing field while the gap between the haves and the have-nots in our country is growing more quickly than ever. Elizabeth Warren is the leader who can help us level the playing field, but we need to make sure she runs for President so that she can continue the work of building an America that works for all of us.”

“Elizabeth Warren isn’t afraid of a challenge, and that’s something that we need,” said Linn County Leader Abbie Baker. “I got involved because watching the housing bubble burst and seeing how it impacted everyone, not just my generation, is alarming. It brought to light a lot of fiscal problems and it’s only the tip of the iceberg.”

“I trust Elizabeth Warren to champion the needs of people and the planet over the interests of big banks and multinational corporations,” said Jefferson County Leader Carole Simmons. “As she says, ‘the system is rigged.’ It is time to rein in the rule of Big Money and return to policies that benefit everyday folks.  Not only does Warren fight courageously for these issues, she also has the gift of being able to communicate them to the American public with strength and clarity. There is such a groundswell of support for Elizabeth Warren, it is very fulfilling to be part of this movement!“

“I support Sen. Warren for President because she’s unafraid to go up against corruption and corporate greed to fight for the rights of everyday Americans,” said Dubuque County Leader Mary Bichell. “As FDR said regarding the corporatists of the 1930s, ‘These economic royalists complain that we seek to overthrow the institutions of America. … These economic royalists are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred.’ Senator Warren has the strength, backbone and moral conviction to fight the destructive agenda of our ‘Economic Royalists.’ She will fight for the policies that will put our country back on track!”

“We support the Run Warren Run Iowa movement because we believe Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s progressive positions on national issues are vital for a winning 2016 Democratic Presidential campaign,” said Black Hawk County Leaders William and Jane Teaford. “We progressive Democrats need to take our country forward.”