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Is the GOP getting desperate bringing Mitt ‘Mr. 1% Romney back?

More than 100 protestors rallied today outside a campaign stop headlined by Mr. 1% himself–Mitt Romney–for Michigan GOP senate hopeful Terri Lynn Land.

Voters protest Mitt Romney & Terri Lynn Land's 1% Agenda

Why is the GOP trotting out failed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who Michigan voters rejected in 2012 by nearly 450,000 votes? Perhaps because Terri Lynn Land is in a neck-and-neck race, and her agenda couldn’t be friendlier to Mitt Romney and his mega-rich friends. Terri Lynn Land opposes raising the minimum wage and equal pay for women, and wants to destroy Medicare as we know it and cut Social Security.

Romney’s next stop is Lexington, Kentucky, for a fundraiser for fellow 1%er Mitch McConnell, and members of MoveOn.org, CREDO, and People for the American Way will protest there tonight, too.

You can get in on the action to help save the Senate from a 1% takeover: Click here to sign up to call voters in Michigan and other critical states that will decide this year’s election.