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Progressive Victories by MoveOn-Endorsed Candidates in Chicago Send Clear Message: Progressive Values Are Winning

Statement from Ilya Sheyman, executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action, in response to victories by progressive candidates in Tuesday’s Illinois Democratic primaries:
“MoveOn members in Illinois and nationwide are celebrating progressive victories, as Jesús ‘Chuy’ García, Fritz Kaegi, Ram Villivalam, and Brandon Johnson all won primaries last night in the state by running inclusive, populist, progressive campaigns.
“Progressive power is on the rise in Chicago as evidenced by the upset victories of Kaegi, Villivalam, and Johnson—all of whom defeated incumbent Democrats supported by the Chicago Democratic machine—and a clear victory by progressive champion García.
“All of those candidates were endorsed and supported by MoveOn members—part of an increasing focus MoveOn members will have on state and local races, as well as U.S. House races, this cycle.
Tuesday’s victories in Illinois’ Democratic primaries send a clear message to elected officials across the country: Progressive values are winning values, and if you stand against the values of this nation and your constituents, your days are numbered.
“Heading toward November, MoveOn members nationwide are fired up and ready to win Democratic control of the U.S. House and elect progressive candidates at all levels of office.”
MoveOn members in Illinois contributed to Tuesday’s results by:
  • Being one of the first national organizations to endorse these progressive champions;
  • Mobilizing MoveOn’s 225,000+ members in Illinois to volunteer for endorsed candidates;
  • Creating and investing in compelling videos for social media on behalf of Brandon Johnson;
  • Sending more than 285,000 peer-to-peer text messages on behalf of endorsed candidates.