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MoveOn’s completely free Progressive Partner program offers special benefits to movement allies who use our petition platform. As a Progressive Partner, you’ll gain access to additional platform features and expert campaigning staff.

MoveOn is a community of millions of progressives who take action to make change across issues and in communities all over the country.

By joining the Progressive Partner program, you’ll connect with MoveOn members who care about the issues you are leading on. MoveOn members support thousands of campaigns—local, national, and everything in between—helping to build a strong, cohesive progressive movement.

When you join, you can increase the number of actions on and efficacy of your campaigns while getting your organization’s name and logo out to new audiences as we look to promote your work.


We work with established progressive organizations that are incorporated as 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), labor union, or federations, as well as grassroots organizers just getting started on campuses or in communities. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and supporting your campaigns.

We work with established progressive organizations such as…

  • 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4)
  • Labor unions or federations
  • Grassroots organizers

Why sign up for the MoveOn Progressive Partner program?

Engage thousands of supporters.

MoveOn’s platform is optimized for maximum sharing and petition growth, and you can use our platform’s mailing tool to contact everyone who signs your petitions through our unique set of platform tools to keep them engaged and connect them to your own email list and social networks. Note: You do not automatically have direct access to the email addresses of petition signers, but we are happy to share best practices on how to keep supporters engaged and how you can invite them to join your email list or follow your organization on social media.

Reach millions of MoveOn members

Additionally, MoveOn will send email tests of your petition to our members—and if they respond, we may send it out to our millions of MoveOn members nationwide. We also collaborate with other teams at MoveOn who may be able to share your campaign via social media or mobile channels. This gives you a huge, free, grassroots boost to win your campaign.

Faster testing and sending.

We know an organization’s campaigns are often part of a rapid-response campaign, which is why our team will review your petition right away and schedule email testing according to its urgency. We’re often able to get started with same-day email testing for urgent campaigns, giving you an instant boost of grassroots energy. You’re also able to quickly send follow-up messages to those who signed. Please email organizations@moveon.org for time-sensitive campaigns or with questions.

Updates and strategic advice

We’re happy to let you know the results of email tests on request. We can’t guarantee that every petition will do well enough to send out to MoveOn members. But if your petition isn’t testing well enough to send to our full list, segments of local members, or those who have signed petitions on similar topics, we’ll provide you with honest advice on what we think the next steps should be. We’re also happy to schedule time to talk with you about your campaign more generally, even before you launch a campaign. Our staff is here to listen to you and follow your lead.

Dedicated petition homepage.

You’ll have your own, branded landing page for members of the public to learn more about your organization and see all of your organization’s petitions. We can also work with you to set this page up to highlight petitions your members create.

All this, plus the existing benefits of MoveOn’s innovative petition website.

You can add an image to your petition. Send updates that go to signers in a matter of seconds. Ask us, if you need help with a custom URL. Ask for support if you don’t have the financial means to carry out a local petition delivery.
These benefits are in addition to the basic functions of the website. Even for individuals, it’s an incredibly powerful organizing tool—which is why we’d also love to chat about getting your members involved with digital organizing opportunities to complement your work.


After you create a petition, we’ll email it to a small group of MoveOn members to ask what they think of it. If MoveOn members think it’s a petition that we should amplify and support, we’ll email it out to more members. If your petition is about a local issue, we’ll email it to the relevant geographic area. If your petition is regarding a national campaign, we’ll typically email it to folks who are particularly interested in the issue. And when MoveOn members are especially supportive of a national campaign, we’ll send it to our entire list—all at no cost to you.

  • Go to your partnership page on the MoveOn petition platform website and click “Email supporters” on the top navigation bar. This will allow you to message all of your petition signers at once, regardless of how many petitions you have started. Email responses will go directly back to your administrator’s email address.
  • If you only want to contact signers of a single petition, simply go to the petition and click the “Email supporters” from there.

We’re proud to have hundreds of organizations in MoveOn’s partner program, including the Center for Biological Diversity, Color of Change, Common Cause, Demand Progress, the Endangered Species Coalition, Kairos, MomsRising, Muslim Advocates, Paid Leave for the U.S., UltraViolet, the United Farm Workers, United We Dream, and Win Without War.

This program is specifically for organizations that want to use petitions to further their campaigning goals. If you are looking for other ways to partner with MoveOn, please contact us here.

We’re here to support you. Reach out to organizations@moveon.org.