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SignOn.org Is Now MoveOn Petitions

Two years ago, MoveOn launched SignOn.org—a new website that allows anyone to start their own online petitions.

Since then, MoveOn members have used SignOn.org to start and win amazing campaigns on everything from protecting voting rights to improving local schools. In fact, it’s been so successful that MoveOn has decided to dramatically increase the resources we’re putting into member-led campaigning to help folks like you win even more fights on the issues you care about most, including, for instance, providing campaign budgets to let you pay for flyers, signs, and other basic needs.

As part of MoveOn’s strategic shift towards supporting member-led, grassroots campaigning, and after gathering feedback from MoveOn members across the country, we have decided to formally change the name of SignOn.org to MoveOn Petitions.

Aside from the name change, and some small design changes, MoveOn Petitions will be the same as SignOn.org—the place to go to create a petition on an issue you believe in, organize, and win.

If you have questions or comments about MoveOn Petitions, we would love to hear from you! Email comments and questions to petitions@moveon.org.