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MoveOn members are building progressive power through advocacy and elections and have been on the front lines of resistance to Trump and the GOP’s toxic agenda. Whether fighting for racial justice, coming together to get through a pandemic, or mobilizing to save our elections, MoveOn members are making a difference.

Here are a few highlights of what we recently accomplished together:

Winning Elections

MoveOn members joined efforts to turn out the vote in recent elections across the country—helping fuel victories by progressives and defeating right-wing Republicans. We’ve been recruiting candidates, knocking on doors, supporting local on-the-ground organizations, and using cutting-edge, data-driven tools to persuade voters to head to the polls. In recent years, we’ve helped elect incredible representatives like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Katie Porter, Lauren Underwood, and more.

Fighting Trump’s Corruption

From Trump’s family mixing government affairs with private business to Cabinet members using taxpayer dollars for their own comfort and for cronies’ contracts, this administration is rife with corruption. We defended Robert Mueller’s investigation, were one of the first groups to call for Trump’s impeachment, and supported the push for his removal all the way through Congress.

Fighting for Racial Justice

In this racist system, a police officer kneels on the neck of a Black man in broad daylight and murders him with impunity. And in this racist system, three police officers break into a Black woman’s home and unleash a barrage of bullets and murder her.

Police act with impunity, because time and time again, this racist system has failed to bring about justice for Black and brown victims of police violence. As we watched the world reel from the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, MoveOn members took action together with the movement to get justice for Floyd and Taylor, end police brutality, and dismantle an overfunded police system. And thousands of MoveOn members showed up to be in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives and other allies across the nation for SIX NINETEEN, a weekend of activism starting on Juneteenth.

Track Record of Passing Progressive Foreign Policy

Over the past 20 years, MoveOn members have been part of game-changing victories that have prioritized peace and diplomacy over war, such as driving grassroots support in favor of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and pushing back against the disastrous war with Iraq in the early 2000s—contributing essential grassroots muscle as well as public education. Most recently, we opposed a potential war with Iran, organizing with partners across the progressive and anti-war movement to launch public anti-war demonstrations, video productions, and a national organizing call.

Our work advocating for peace and justice is a reminder of MoveOn’s grassroots scale and reach, and our long-term commitment to building a progressive foreign policy.