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Our Impact

Our Impact

MoveOn members have been on the front lines of resistance to Trump and the GOP’s toxic agenda and are building progressive power through advocacy and elections. From national campaigns to local efforts, MoveOn members are making a difference.

This year, we’ve been fighting to pass the Dream Act, to hold Trump’s Cabinet cronies accountable, and so much more.  Here are a few highlights of what we recently accomplished together:

Confronting the NRA
Since the Parkland massacre, MoveOn members have joined with student leaders from across the country in taking action to confront gun violence and break the NRA’s stranglehold on American politics, including the following:

  • Pressuring corporate sponsors and advertisers to cut ties to the NRA and to right-wing talk show host Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show
  • Running hard-hitting billboards in key districts highlighting Republican representatives’ ties to the NRA
  • Joining the March For Our Lives, and producing videos elevating student leaders that have been seen millions of times
  • Investing $100,000 in anti-gun-violence organizations that focus on organizing in communities of color


Defending Robert Mueller
MoveOn members have been active in defending the independent investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller—and preparing should Trump move to end Mueller’s probe into Russia’s interference with U.S. elections. Some of what MoveOn members have done:

  • Launched a rapid-response network, with allies, that has more than 900 events and 350,000 participants who would spring into action within 24 hours if Trump moves to end Mueller’s investigation
  • Made tens of thousands of calls to Congress to demand protections for Mueller’s investigation—which has added momentum to finally introduced bipartisan legislation to prevent Trump from interfering with the investigation.


Winning Elections

MoveOn members joined efforts to turn out the vote in recent elections in Virginia, Alabama, and Pennsylvania—helping fuel victories by progressives and defeating right-wing Republicans. We’ve been out knocking on doors, supporting local on-the-ground organizations, and using cutting-edge, data-driven tools to persuade voters to head to the polls—and it’s worked! We contributed significantly to the slim margins of victory for Doug Jones over Roy Moore in Alabama, and more recently Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania.


Fighting Trump’s Corruption

From Trump’s family mixing government affairs with private business to Cabinet members using taxpayer dollars for their own comfort and for cronies’ contracts, this administration is rife with corruption. One recent victory: Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, had his high level White House security clearance revoked—something MoveOn members had been calling for over the past year.


Click here to read more about what we accomplished in 2017—including protecting health care for tens of millions of Americans by stopping Trumpcare, confronting white supremacy in the White House, and raising over $3 million with Lin-Manuel Miranda for Puerto Rico relief.