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The Top Ten Stats about MoveOn’s 2020 Election Program

Together, MoveOn members achieved the following: 

  1. Voted overwhelmingly to endorse Joe Biden for president, with 82% support.
  2. Endorsed more than 50 candidates for Senate and House.
  3. Built a diverse base of 986,306 volunteers who engaged ~3,033,895 battleground state voters they knew personally to vote in order to boost turnout.
  4. Made more than $6 million in small-dollar contributions. 
    • Over $3 million in small-dollar contributions for the Biden/Harris ticket
    • Over $2 million in support of Senate candidates
    • Over $2 million for candidates of color.
  5. Sent over 150 million text messages to voters to help them vote safely and successfully, including over 13 million on Election Day.
  6. Created and tested 20+ original videos that had statistically significant positive impacts on voters. MoveOn served 50 million video ad impressions of these high-impact videos to young voters of color in 17 battleground states.
  7. Contributed $4.6 million to fund our targeted ad campaign, with ads that ran on digital platforms, TV, radio, podcasts, bus stops, and billboards in key states.
  8. Distributed inspiring content informed by message research in the form of posters, magnets, and stickers, working with Into Action on GIFs and memes that generated over 600 million views.
  9. Drove targeted cultural tactics to get out the vote in battleground states. Our Nail the Vote effort included celebs such as Kerry Washington, Ciara, Halsey, and Demi Lovato, using nail art to get out the vote. We partnered with influencers including Olympian Priscilla Frederick, activist Alok Vaid-Menon, and Lucas Mayfield to drive pro-voting messages with key audiences.
  10. Took action to protect the integrity of the election and ensure every vote is counted. We campaigned to save the post office, recruited over 5,000 poll workers, and succeeded in forcing social media networks to take down false information.

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