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On Filibuster, Biden is Right About the Problem but Wrong on the Solution

Rahna Epting, Executive Director of MoveOn, issued the following statement in response to president Biden’s comments last night about the filibuster:

“President Biden is correct that the filibuster is a Jim Crow relic that is being abused by Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans to block progress on many issues — especially voting rights.

“However, President Biden must be much more forceful in fighting to fix the abuses of the filibuster that he has correctly identified because we can’t simply allow Mitch McConnell to continue to keep the Jim Crow era alive in the Senate.

“State-by-state, county-by-county, Republicans across the country are rigging the rules to keep people from voting to protect their political power and ultra-wealthy donors. Mitch McConnell has said himself that he plans to stop Biden’s agenda at every turn, the very agenda 81 million of us voted for in November. President Biden must do everything in his power to put an end to this obstruction so that Congress can get to the urgent business of governing for the people and delivering on their mandate to aggressively tackle the climate crisis, pass a living wage, pass common sense gun reform, safeguard our democracy, restore our right to vote, and so much more.”