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NY MoveOn members support a progressive challenger to Gov. Cuomo

NY Governors Race Survey Results
 Here’s what a few MoveOn members shared:

“Instead of representing New Yorkers who want progressive solutions to growing economic inequality, Cuomo is siding with employers and Wall Street because he thinks that will help his presidential ambitions,” wrote David L., a MoveOn member from Brooklyn, as he responded to the survey. “We need a governor who has his eye on working New Yorkers, not on his own national political resume.”

“Governor Cuomo is not listening to parents, teachers, and public school advocates. As a result, our urban public schools are being gutted in the name of privatization and profit. Turning our public schools over to charter companies will NOT solve the issues plaguing our urban children and families,” wrote Meg C., a MoveOn member from Rochester. “We need to invest, as a community, and in order to do that, we need real leadership.”

“He’s too pro-the 1%. … He undermined Bill de Blasio on pre-K via taxes on the wealthy; he didn’t push for campaign finance reform; he tried to hide the findings of his Moreland Commission; he’s stalling on fracking and the LNG terminal proposed for Long Island for starters,” wrote Paul W., a MoveOn member from East Setauket. “He’s just not at all progressive just like his father.”

“Cuomo has betrayed working people so many times his promises mean nothing. People of this state need a viable alternative, and the Working Families Party is the only one to give it to them,” explained Ken V., a MoveOn member from Albany. “Among the reasons to run against Cuomo: more tax breaks for the rich; war on teachers and education through Common Core and charter schools; lack of support for public funding of elections; complicity with the renegade Senate Democrats that block most progressive legislation; –just for starters.”