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NEW ADS: MoveOn Members Demand Sinema Fight for Arizonans

Print & Digital Ads Call on Sinema to Support Survival Checks, Expanded Unemployment Insurance, and Increasing the Minimum Wage   

Today, MoveOn is releasing new print and digital ads in the Arizona Daily Star and on Tuscon.com demanding that Senator Krysten Sinema (D-AZ) stand up for Arizonans in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With a state jobless rate of 7.5%, 262,000 Arizonans are behind on rent and nearly 700,000 are struggling to keep food on the table.

Sinema’s first priority should be providing support to her constituents, and they need survival checks, expanded unemployment insurance, and an increase in the minimum wage to $15. The people of Arizona put her in office to protect their livelihoods and families, not stand in the way of President Biden and the Democrats’ COVID bill that has the bipartisan support of 78% of the public.

“COVID has devastated the health and livelihood of Arizonans—and as President Biden has said, the danger is doing too little, not too much,” said Rahna Epting, executive director of MoveOn Civic Action. “Arizonians need relief checks, expanded unemployment insurance, and an increased minimum wage—all of which are directly related to fighting this pandemic. These programs are even more crucial for people of color, women, young people, immigrants, and LGBTQIA+ communities who have borne the disparate impacts of COVID and the recession. Arizona MoveOn members are counting on Senator Sinema to fight for them and bring real relief to The Grand Canyon State.”

View the print ad in the AZ Daily Star & Digital Ads at Tuscon.com below:


These ads are funded by MoveOn.org Civic Action.