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Huge People-Powered Win as FCC Protects Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality Victory

Anna Galland, executive director of MoveOn.org Civic Action, had the following statement in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to use Title II to uphold Net Neutrality:

This is an unequivocal victory for the millions of Americans who came together to show that people power can trump the power of corporate giants like Comcast and Verizon. The plan released today is real Net Neutrality—by classifying the Internet as a public good using Title II, the FCC is using the simplest, most legally sound framework for protecting Internet users everywhere and maintaining the web as an equal playing field for all.

The American people came to the table in ways we haven’t seen before on a fundamental issue that matters to each of our lives, our economy, and our democracy. Grassroots groups and activists fought tirelessly for their right to be heard, and we prevailed despite the best efforts of corporate media lobbyists.

By protecting the open Internet from big cable companies that want to limit access, this victory levels the playing field for consumers, small businesses, and Main Street. We are grateful for the leadership of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and the FCC commissioners who voted for this plan in the face of powerful interests; for President Obama, who backed the netroots at a pivotal time in this fight; and for the millions of Americans who spoke out powerfully and organized on this issue.

We urge members of Congress to respect this historic public process at the FCC—which has engaged millions of Americans from across the political spectrum—and stop standing up for Big Telecom.

MoveOn has been fighting for Net Neutrality since 2006. Over the last year, MoveOn members and allies have held demonstrations across the country, urging the FCC, Congress, and President Obama to stand up to the big cable giants like Comcast and stand for an open Internet.

More than 4 million Americans submitted comments to the FCC on the need to preserve the open Internet.

Sign the thank-you card to the FCC.