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MUST SEE: Robert Reich Makes the Case for a Contested Primary with Elizabeth Warren

On Wednesday night, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich joined “All In with Chris Hayes” on MSNBC to discuss the upcoming 2016 presidential election and the importance of having a contested primary. In the interview Reich says:

“It seems to me very important for Democrats to be able to have a debate about what’s important to Democrats, what’s important to the country, in terms of, well, let’s say inequality—the widening inequality of income and wealth. The Republicans aren’t going to debate this in any serious way.”

This isn’t the first time that Robert Reich has voiced his support of a competitive primary—and saying he would like to see Elizabeth Warren in the race. Last week, Reich made it clear that he wants to see a Democratic primary with multiple strong candidates in 2016 and noted he’d like one such challenger to be Elizabeth Warren.

As we hear from more and more respected political figures, as well as hundreds of thousands of everyday Americans voicing their support for Elizabeth Warren, it’s clear that the support for an Elizabeth Warren candidacy continues to grow.

Check out the entire interview below. 


Want to see Elizabeth Warren in the presidential race? Click here to get involved.