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MoveOn’s Statement on Tonight’s Democratic National Convention

MoveOn.org Political Action Executive Director Ilya Sheyman offered the following comment in advance of tonight’s Democratic National Convention speeches:
Tonight voters across the country will hear from some of the leading progressive voices in the Democratic Party — Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. These voices – and their vision for a progressive America – have inspired millions of voters, helped create the most progressive party platform in Democratic history, and brought about real change at all levels of government. And tonight, they’ll come before thousands of delegates and millions of Americans to share the progressive vision for the country and help unite the Democratic Party around a common goal: to stand up against Donald Trump’s hate and division and ensure he never steps foot in the White House. MoveOn and our members are proud of the work we’ve done to advance the Sanders/Warren agenda, and tonight’s DNC program is a testament to the role progressives have played in shaping the Democratic Party. The vision that Senators Warren and Sanders will share tonight — which Secretary Clinton has largely embraced — is not the future of the Democratic Party, it is the present and will be key to winning in November.”