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MoveOn members step-up for Puerto Rico with historic fundraiser

Last week, MoveOn members joined with LinManuel Miranda—creator of “Hamilton”—to support relief efforts in Puerto Rico. We hoped to raise $250,000—money that’s urgently needed, given the scale of this humanitarian disaster and the Trump Administration’s appalling response.

In just 48 hours, MoveOn members donated more than $2.5 million, ultimately raising more than $3 million, 100% of which will go to fund the work of the Hispanic Federation’s relief and recovery operations in Puerto Rico. (MoveOn is covering the credit card fees, so that ALL of the money goes directly toward the island’s recovery.)

Thank youThank you. This has been one of the biggest MoveOn fundraisers in our 19-year history. The funds we raised are so desperately needed. And the fact that we were able to raise so much—and so quickly—is a testament to the awesome power of this community. When we act together for our common values and vision, we can do anything. We can support people who desperately need our help. We can show what it looks like to lead with love. And we can spread the understanding that our fates—across communities and across geography—are bound up together.

Here’s a beautiful video message from LinManuel Miranda to the members of MoveOn, thanking us all for what we’ve accomplished together:

Lin-Manuel Miranda says thanks

(Not on Facebook? You can watch the video on YouTube by clicking here.)

Puerto Rico’s devastation from hurricanes was made worse by this administration’s neglect and contempt. We will keep supporting the people of Puerto Rico—by raising funds for relief and recovery, demanding that Congress pass a robust recovery package, and ultimately working to cancel Puerto Rico’s crippling debt brought on by vulture capitalists.

There is much work to do—thank you for doing your part to help.

Please watch and share this video and keep the 3.4 million Puerto Ricans—our fellow Americans—in our hearts and minds.

P.S. All of the money raised during the fundraiser is being directly donated to the Hispanic Federation’s Unidos relief fund.

P.P.S. In addition to collecting funds to the relief efforts, we’re also calling on Congress to take action by passing a robust recovery bill immediately, pushing FEMA into faster action, and ultimately canceling the debt brought on by vulture capitalists that has crippled Puerto Rico. More than 100,000 MoveOn members have already signed a petition on this issue from New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera—add your name now.