MoveOn, United We Dream Statements in Response to Congressional Failure to Protect Dreamers

Statement from Greisa Martinez Rosas, United We Dream Advocacy Director and potential Dream Act beneficiary:

“When Trump killed DACA he took my life and the lives of millions of immigrant youth hostage. Now, he and extremist Republicans in Congress are blocking real solutions and saying he will protect me only if he can deport millions of others. This is blackmail, and it is not the America we know and love. We will keep fighting until our communities are protected, knowing that the vast majority of Americans want us to stay and continue contributing here, not be ripped away from our homes.”

Statement from Ilya Sheyman, Political Action Executive Director:

“It’s clear by now that Donald Trump and most congressional Republicans don’t actually want to pass a deal to protect Dreamers. They are more interested in holding immigrant youth who grew up here hostage, in order to try to ram through their anti-immigration campaign promises to build walls, engage in mass deportation, and rip families apart. This week, Trump and Senate Republicans refused to come to the table on any Dreamer compromise deals. Fortunately, the courts have intervened against Trump’s illegal action to end DACA and provided limited protection for DACA holders to be able to renew their status—but even that is frighteningly temporary and does not provide relief to over a million Dreamers who have yet to be protected.

“The public overwhelmingly stands with Dreamers and supports a clean Dream Act that would protect immigrant youth. We’re going to keep fighting for Congress to act swiftly before the deadline on March 5, but if they don’t, we’re ready to take this fight for permanent protections into the election and beyond. We will not stop until these nearly two million youth, who grew up with America as their home—many of whom cannot even speak the language of the country where they were born—no longer have to study, live, or serve their country in fear.”

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