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MoveOn TV Ad Slams GOP 47 Who Signed ‘Dangerous and Irresponsible’ Iran Letter

30-second spot is part of broader campaign urging Democrats to reject GOP attempts to sabotage diplomacy and risk putting the United States on the path to war.

MoveOn.org Civic Action launched a 30-second TV ad on Friday the 47 Republican Senators who signed an open letter to the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran in an effort to sabotage diplomacy.

Watch “Sabotage”: https://youtu.be/39fX9fUZhUs

“This level of sabotage is unprecedented, trying to destroy diplomacy and pushing us into another costly war, risking American lives,” a narrator says in the ad. “Call Congress. Tell them: Don’t rush us to war. Let diplomacy work.”

The ad will run on national cable and on cable and broadcast TV in the Washington, D.C. market over the next week.

“MoveOn members across the country are calling on Democrats in Congress to condemn this offensive letter, and any legislation that would undermine diplomacy, and avoid rushing us into yet another costly war in the Middle East,” said MoveOn.org Civic Action Campaign Director Jo Comerford. “This letter to the leadership of Iran was a new low for Senate Republicans, who tried to undermine President Obama’s efforts to avoid a war by telling a foreign government not to trust the United States or our President.”

In recent months, MoveOn members have made more than 10,000 phone calls and generated more than 100,000 petition signatures supporting diplomacy with Iran.