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MoveOn: Trump Is A Five-Alarm Threat To American Democracy

Ilya Sheyman, executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action, had the following response to Donald Trump’s sweeping wins in the Republican primaries today in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania:

“The Republican Party’s effort to ‘stop Trump’ seems to be as successful as their efforts to pass a budget in Washington or replace Obamacare. It is now clear that the party is on the path to nominating a candidate whose campaign has been built on racism, immigrant-bashing, woman-bashing, and hateful rhetoric—and who has incited violence and seeks only to divide us as a nation.

“Trump’s victories this evening are a sad but telling statement on the current Republican Party and the values that the GOP believes in. And for those in the Republican Party who take solace in the notion that Trump can shift to being more so-called ‘presidential’ in the coming weeks, we have news for you—the record of Trump’s outrageous, offensive and outright un-American comments is a mile long and he, and you, will not be able to run from it.

“Simply put, Donald Trump is a bigoted bully whose violent authoritarian vision puts core American values and security at risk. This is a five-alarm threat to our democracy.

“MoveOn members are preparing to pull out all the stops to ensure Trump, the hateful ideas he’s advancing, and those who support him are dealt a resounding defeat in November.”