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MoveOn to Democrats: No Collaboration With Trump’s Hate

Statement from Ilya Sheyman, executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action, in response to reports that Democratic leader Sen. Chuck Schumer and other Senate Democrats are looking to “align with many proposals of President-elect Donald J. Trump” in coming months:

“It is unacceptable for Democratic leadership to normalize Trump and collaborate with him so long as he continues his bigotry, hatred, and division. 

“Across the country, we’re seeing an unprecedented amount of grassroots progressive energy: people are activated, justifiably terrified, and outraged at the outcome of the election, and they’re ready to fight back against and resist Trump’s harmful and bigoted agenda, which lost the popular vote. Americans are looking for and expect leadership from Senate Democrats.

“Trump, for his part, has continued to show in the week since the election that he has no intentions of backing down from his most threatening proposals: appointing a white supremacist as his top advisor, attacking the media and peaceful protesters’ First Amendment rights, filling his transition team with far-right advisors, reportedly liaising with conspiracy theorists, and threatening immigrant and Muslim communities. It’s clear that Trump is not interested in uniting Americans around policies with wide public support, and Democrats would be making a tragic mistake to make compromising with, instead of standing up to, Trump their focus.

“Millions of MoveOn members and Americans nationwide are preparing to spend the coming weeks building broad-based and peaceful, nonviolent resistance to Trump and preparing to defend vulnerable communities, civil rights and liberties, and the Constitution. Requiring grassroots progressives to divert their energy to holding Democrats accountable would be a serious mistake.”

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