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MoveOn Statement on Federal Judge Blocking Trump’s Muslim Ban

Last night, federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland halted Donald Trump’s second attempt at a Muslim ban–hours before Trump’s Executive Order would have taken effect. In reaction to the court’s’ temporary restraining orders, MoveOn.org Political Action Executive Director Ilya Sheyman issued the following statement:

“This temporary suspension of Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is another significant step in ensuring this unconstitutional religious test is struck down wholly and permanently. Despite disparagement and attacks, once again our nation’s legal system has done its job and thwarted an executive action based solely on prejudice. Trump’s efforts to push through this nearly-identical order after multiple federal courts blocked it from taking effect previously lays bare his rampant xenophobia and yet again shows his administration’s unwillingness to abide by our Constitution.

“Make no mistake: This continued push by Trump is an all-out effort to advance Islamophobic policy and betray the values of our nation. The intention and impact of this Muslim Ban remains fundamentally unchanged from the moment Trump called for it during the campaign.

“MoveOn members will continue to fight this cruel proposal. As the courts continue to reject these orders, every American has a moral obligation to defend our Constitution and prevent this cruel and bigoted proposal from ever taking effect.”