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MoveOn statement on Chris Van Hollen’s Social Security record

MoveOn.org Political Action statement on Chris Van Hollen’s entry into the U.S. Senate race in Maryland and his record on Social Security

MoveOn.org Communications Director Nick Berning had the following statement:

“Rep. Van Hollen is an accomplished and capable legislator, and as he begins his campaign, the more than 125,000 MoveOn members in Maryland will look forward to hearing his vision for how he can contribute in the United States Senate.

“As he enters the race, we request that he clarify his position on Social Security. It was deeply disappointing when Rep. Van Hollen said in 2012 that the Bowles-Simpson plan that would have cut Social Security benefits was ‘the right way to go.’ Fortunately, that plan was rejected. We invite Rep. Van Hollen to make clear that he no longer supports cutting Social Security benefits, and call on him to join the overwhelming number of Americans who support expanding Social Security benefits by lifting the cap on payroll taxes that prevents the wealthiest few from paying the same rate as everyone else.

“MoveOn members in Maryland will undoubtedly take Rep. Van Hollen’s past and present position on Social Security into account as they consider who to support in this Senate race.”