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MoveOn statement on CBO score

Statement from Anna Galland, executive director of MoveOn.org Civic Action, in response to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office’s finding that the health care bill passed by the House would leave 23 million fewer people with health insurance and strip protections for pre-existing conditions from one-sixth of Americans—all to pay for $664 billion in tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations:

“Today’s CBO score reinforces what we already knew: Trumpcare will take a wrecking ball to health care in this country—leaving tens of millions of people without coverage, millions more with pre-existing conditions priced out of care, and will make health care unaffordable for many Americans. The new CBO score proves once and for all that the GOP-led efforts will do nothing to fix health care and instead will make our health care system dramatically worse. Any efforts to paint today’s CBO score, and the GOP bill that puts the lives of 23 million Americans at risk, as anything short of a clear and present danger to all but the wealthiest of Americans is shameful and offensive.

“While Republicans—almost entirely men—negotiate in private and attempt to push through a dangerous bill out of the public eye, we know how truly devastating this bill would be. Based on media reports, it’s likely to include dramatic cuts to Medicaid—meaning millions of kids with disabilities, seniors in nursing homes, and working families will lose health insurance and nursing home care—and end protections for people with pre-existing conditions. And it would raise costs for millions of families and jeopardize essential coverage for millions more.

“In the weeks ahead, MoveOn members will be organizing to press Senators with a range of tactics at our disposal, from urging directly affected constituents to speak up at town halls to flooding Senators with phone calls to organizing protests outside of their district offices.

“MoveOn members and Americans nationwide will make it clear to the Senate that following in the footsteps of the House by pushing through a dangerous and wildly unpopular bill that kicks millions off their health care and ends Medicaid as we know it is political suicide. The American people oppose these efforts, and the Senate would be wise to listen to their call.”