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MoveOn Statement on President Joe Biden’s First Hundred Days in Office 

Today, Rahna Epting, the executive director of MoveOn, released the following statement on President Biden’s first hundred days in office. 

“In just the first hundred days of the Biden Administration, we have already experienced some of the seismic changes people across the country fought for to save our democracy from the callous, cruel, and catastrophic Trump presidency. President Biden’s first hundred days in office have pivoted the country away from this dark chapter and towards a brighter future, which includes COVID-19 relief for millions of working people and a robust national vaccine distribution plan.

“For countless Americans, this momentum shows the same big, bold thinking we saw in President Biden’s first address to Congress. As he drives forward his vision for the incredible work yet to be done, the President must acknowledge that waiting around for Congressional Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy to come to the table isn’t the answer. They will never come to the table in good faith. Time and again, they have shown their cards as obstructionists to progress and prioritized lies and fake stories over good governance and what’s best for the people.

“That’s why over the next hundred days, President Biden must work tirelessly to pass the ‘Build Back Better agenda’ in one package to urgently deliver for the people in this moment of converging crisis. The American Jobs Plan will get us on the road to recovery by creating good-paying green jobs, fixing our infrastructure and investing in the care economy. The American Families Plan will make historic investments in childcare, universal prekindergarten, and community colleges, easing incredible cost burdens for millions of families.

“In this moment of crisis, there is no time to waste — this is not a time for false notions of bipartisanship. Instead, Democrats must deliver urgently to codify these plans and so many others that the President spoke about tonight into law on behalf of the American people. This work is critical to start rebuilding a fairer, stronger country and ensuring there is an equitable recovery for all.”