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MoveOn Slams Senate Republicans and DSCC Chair Jon Tester for Voting Against Background Check Measure

Senate Republicans tonight blocked meaningful action to prevent gun violence in America by failing to pass legislation that would have strengthened our gun-sales background check system. MoveOn.org Political Action Executive Director Ilya Sheyman responded to the vote with the following statement:

“For years, in the wake of mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting, Congress did nothing but offer thoughts and prayers for the victims and their family and friends. Today that tragic legacy continues as Senate Republicans, joined by a few Senate Democrats including Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chair Sen. Jon Tester, blocked comprehensive background checks for gun purchases in the wake of another national tragedy.

“The Senate’s failure to pass bipartisan gun safety legislation is yet another outrageous example of how our elected officials in Congress are beholden to the NRA and prioritize the will of the gun lobby over the overwhelming majority of Americans, who strongly support legislation to reduce the threat of gun violence. Common-sense proposals—like comprehensive background checks for gun purchases—have the broad support from the American electorate and it’s long past time Congress followed the lead of the American people to turn these measures into law.

“Thanks to the courage and leadership of Sen. Chris Murphy, the Senate had a chance to stand up and take action in the wake of last week’s tragedy in Orlando, which targeted LGBTQ Latinx young people. Senate Republicans and DSCC Chair Jon Tester should be ashamed for blocking comprehensive background checks for gun purchases. MoveOn members made roughly 15,000 calls to the Senate today alone in support of mandatory background checks and will keep fighting until common-sense gun reforms are passed in America, including continuing to campaign for an assault weapons ban, supported by nearly 700,000 MoveOn members.”