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MoveOn responds to House TPA vote

Justin Krebs, campaign director for MoveOn.org Civic Action, responded today to the House’s passage of Trade Promotion Authority (or Fast Track) for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secret trade deal that puts corporate interests over the interests of American workers:

“Speaker Boehner’s do-over vote was proof of what this whole deal is really about. This isn’t about supporting workers—it’s about advancing a corporate agenda. Republicans have revealed their commitment to undercutting protections for workers, consumers, and the environment. And the decision by the handful of Democrats who went along with them—to side with corporate interests over the rest of us—will be remembered by their constituents next election.

“Now, the action returns to the Senate—where we look forward to working with progressive champions including Senators Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, Bernie Sanders, and others—to stop Fast Track once and for all. This bill is only returning to the Senate because the movement to stop Fast Track has grown louder and stronger—and will continue to build in the days to come.”