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MoveOn responds to GOP efforts to claim President’s Iran deal actions are illegal

MoveOn.org Political Action Campaign Director Justin Krebs had the following statement in response to reports that some Republicans, including Sen. Ted Cruz, are urging Republican leadership to vote on a resolution claiming President Obama’s actions with respect to Iran diplomacy are illegal, rather than actually voting on the resolution of disapproval of the Iran nuclear deal:

“After months of strenuous opposition to diplomacy and weeks of attempting to sabotage it legislatively, which would put the United States on a path to war, some Republicans—faced with the reality that they’ve lost the disapproval resolution debate—are now trying to move the goalposts and change the topic. This is a transparently desperate move, and it will not work. The agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon will come into force no matter how many straws Ted Cruz and other war-hungry Republicans grasp at.

“Their newfound claim that the deal is ‘illegal’ shows their desperation to avoid what they know will be a devastating loss for the war-as-a-first-resort approach to American foreign policy. Thanks to the President’s leadership and a massive mobilization of grassroots progressives around the country, pro-diplomacy forces will have a decisive victory. It’s time for Republicans to stop playing games and to either have their vote, which they will lose, or drop it. It is time for the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal, which the public supports and which will make the U.S. and our allies more secure.”