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MoveOn responds to Fast Track defeat

Anna Galland, executive director of MoveOn.org Civic Action, responded to the House’s rejection of a trade package today that would have granted President Obama Fast Track authority for the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership:

“Millions of Americans spoke out passionately—and though the fight isn’t over, we’ve just seen a real setback for ‘Fast Track’ authority on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This outcome is a testament to the broad coalition of environmental, consumer, labor, and grassroots progressive groups, including MoveOn members, that has been strong and vocal in opposing this deal.

“We know that Republicans plan on pushing this to a vote again in the days ahead, and they are counting on Democrats to help them pass this disastrous package of bills. But all members of Congress now know the public is watching, and will not forget if their Representatives vote for corporate interests over their constituents.

“We will continue to fight against attacks on workers, the environment, and consumers, and stand up to efforts that increase corporate power and profits at the public’s expense.”

Nationwide, MoveOn members have stood with Sen. Elizabeth Warren and many of her Senate colleagues in opposing Fast Track, holding events across the country, signing online petitions, and calling congressional offices. This effort includes:

• This week, MoveOn.org Civic Action launched a five-figure hard-hitting online ad campaign taking on Republican and Democratic Senators who voted to cut $700 million from Medicare as part of the deal to pass Fast Track Authority legislation.

• Earlier this week, MoveOn members joined CREDO, Democracy for America and other partners at a rally outside of the San Francisco office of Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, calling on her to show her commitment to working Americans by leading her caucus in stopping this bill.

• More than 100,000 MoveOn members have signed petitions calling on Congress to reject the TPP. [Tell Congress: We Can’t Afford to Outsource More JobsNo Backroom Favors for Financial Giants in “Fast Track”Fight climate change–stop the TPP]

• More than 4,000 MoveOn members signed up earlier this year to drop by the member of Congress’ office to encourage them to stand with people over corporations and reject the TPP.

• In February, Robert Reich and MoveOn released a video titled “The Worst Trade Deal You’ve Never Heard Of – The Story of the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” a short explainer of the currently pending trade deal. The video has been viewed millions of times and urges viewers to make sure that Congress rejects Fast Track authority. View the video here.

• In March, more than 79 percent of responding Oregon MoveOn members said they would support a primary challenger to Sen. Wyden in the 2016 Senate primary if the Senator helped grant fast-track authority to pass the TPP.  MoveOn has more than 88,000 members in Oregon.

Image: Flickr/GlobalTradeWatch