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MoveOn.org’s Statement on Bernie Sanders’ Win in Wisconsin

Ilya Sheyman, executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action, had the following response to Bernie Sanders’ win in the Wisconsin Democratic Primary this evening:

Tonight was a huge night for Bernie Sanders. He now has the momentum in this race and has won another state that will be critical to Democrats in November.  This victory, building on Bernie’s recent landslide wins in Alaska, Washington, Hawaii, Utah and Idaho once again proves that the race to be the Democratic nominee for president is far from over. Bernie has now won six contests in a row.

 “Bernie’s recent string of victories prove that his message is continuing to resonate with voters across the country. The American people are tired of a corrupt and broken political system, believe change is possible, and believe Bernie is the best candidate to fix the country.

“The political revolution that Bernie has ignited is continuing to catch fire — and can very well carry him to victory in New York in a few weeks and at the convention in Philadelphia this summer. MoveOn members are excited to keep mobilizing in support of Bernie and ready to make his nomination a reality.”