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MoveOn’s Anna Galland talks to C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ About Run Warren Run

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Over the weekend, MoveOn.org Civic Action Executive Director Anna Galland appeared on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” for nearly an hour to take questions from callers from across the country—from all across the political spectrum.

Anna took a stand for strong progressive values and discussed the incredible work of MoveOn members and progressives across the country. A big piece of that work is our Run Warren Run campaign. In December, MoveOn launched this historic effort to encourage Senator Elizabeth Warren into the presidential election. Shortly after, our friends at Democracy for America signed on as partners. Hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country have joined the effort, and recently, New York’s Working Families Party called on Warren to run too.

Check out Anna’s interview below, and if you’re as inspired by the great work that “Run Warren Run” is doing as I am, click here to get involved! 

P.S. Anna said so many inspiring things, but one line that stood out is this: “There’s a rising tide of people who have had enough of a rigged system. Right or left—people agree that something’s broken and we’re doing something about it. Our campaign encouraging Elizabeth Warren to run for president is part of that rising tide.”