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MoveOn Organizing Call Hub

Welcome to the MoveOn Organizing Call Hub! Here you will find recordings of the latest MoveOn conference calls and trainings that can help you take your organizing to the next level.

To listen to a recording, simply choose the conference that you would like to listen to or watch and click on the play button. If you have technical difficulties or would like to request a recording that you do not see below, please email us at help@moveon.org.

August Organizing Call with Representative Keith Ellison
August 27, 2013

These remarks from Congressman Keith Ellison are something you don’t want to miss, and they’re worthy of a relisten even if you have already heard them! Here, Rep. Ellison talks about the issues that Congress will be taking up during the fall, and why we as progressives have to stand together and organize now.

Call highlights:

Full call: