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MoveOn.org on Trump Naming Vaccine Skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Chair Vaccine Commission

Karine Jean-Pierre, MoveOn.org national spokesperson, had the following statement in response to reports that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – who does not believe in childhood vaccinations – is being tapped to chair a “Donald Trump-requested commission on vaccine safety and ‘scientific integrity.’ “

“It is deeply troubling that Donald Trump has nominated Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to this position given Kennedy’s history of espousing fringe anti-science views on the subject of vaccines. This nomination will put children at grave risk if Kennedy continues to elevate debunked myths over proven science.

“It is also troubling that Robert F. Kennedy Jr is betraying his father and uncles’ legacy by seeking to enter this foul swamp of an administration overflowing with greed, bigotry, and corruption. It’s shocking that he would consent to joining a team that includes white supremacists, foreclosure kings, and climate deniers.”