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MoveOn.org: On One of Bleakest Days, A Vow to Resist

Joint statement of MoveOn.org Civic Action Executive Director Anna Galland and MoveOn.org Political Action Executive Director Ilya Sheyman:

“This is a bleak day in our nation’s history.

“A man is being sworn in as president whose campaign centered on dishonesty, division, and demagoguery and was abetted by the interference of a foreign government. He appealed to voters’ worst instincts—scapegoating and demeaning Americans because of race, religion, ability, immigration status, and gender. Since his election, instead of seeking to unite, he has doubled down on division and proposed the most unqualified, ideologically extreme slate of cabinet nominees the U.S. has ever seen. His administration threatens to kick 32 million people off of health care, to deport millions, to give corporations and lobbyists far more influence at the expense of average Americans, to advance a bellicose foreign policy that needlessly risks war, to give polluters free reign, and to undermine Americans’ civil rights and liberties, the rule of law, and even our constitutional democracy itself. For many, this election has been the most traumatic national event of their lifetimes. Millions of Americans are terrified, with good reason.

“But this is also a time for hope. Trump does not speak for most Americans. He lost the popular vote by more than 3 million votes, and he has become more unpopular since the election. In the weeks since Election Day, an unprecedented wave of grassroots energy has been rising. People from all walks of life, including many who have never previously politically engaged, are taking action. Our collective people power is tremendous.

We will resist. Millions of MoveOn members, and tens of millions of our allies, are prepared to mobilize and do whatever it takes to protect our communities, friends, family members, and neighbors—and our democracy.

“We will not allow Trump’s administration and Republicans in Congress to do the harm they envision. We will fight, we will limit the damage, we will hold them accountable, and ultimately we will win back power and build a more just, sustainable, peaceful, inclusive democracy, where everyone is valued, and everyone can thrive.

“We will not be daunted. We will not be discouraged. We will give this our all. The resistance starts now—and, we, the American people, will win.”