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MoveOn on Senate vote on amendments to strengthen our gun laws

Anna Galland, executive director of MoveOn.org Civic Action, offered the following statement in response to the tragic shooting in San Bernardino on Wednesday and the Senate’s vote today on amendments that would strengthen our gun laws:

“The tragedy in San Bernardino yesterday was horrific. We join with people across our nation in grieving the loss of precious human life.

“Yesterday’s shooting is an immediate call to action to strengthen our gun laws, curtail easy access to firearms, and bring an end to the epidemic of gun violence that continues to sweep our nation. MoveOn commends Senators Reid, Schumer, Durbin, Murray, Feinstein, Boxer, Sanders, Blumenthal, and Murphy for advancing gun safety amendments today that would require background checks for gun show and Internet sales, close the so-called terror gap loophole, and more.

“The dangerous Islamophobic rhetoric that has intensified in the wake of yesterday’s shooting is shameful and appalling. The racist fear mongering we’ve heard in recent days from voices like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Donald Trump, and The New York Post is designed to appeal to the very worst in people. It must be rejected outright. 

“Instead of using incendiary Islamophobic rhetoric that could spur more violence against innocent Americans, it’s imperative that our nation’s leaders focus on solutions, starting with shaking off the NRA chokehold and finding the courage to act in ways that make our communities safer and our nation more secure. Families in our nation have suffered enough.”