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MoveOn on NYT, WaPo reports: Sessions must resign immediately; his successor must appoint a special prosecutor

Jo Comerford, campaign director for MoveOn.org Civic Action, had the following statement in response to two reports tonight from The New York Times and The Washington Post with new information on ties between the Trump campaign and Russian officials:

“This is a two-bombshell evening. First, The New York Times says the intelligence community has information that Trump associates met with Russian officials during the campaign. The Times also reports the intelligence community had reason to believe the Trump Administration might cover this up. Second, The Washington Post breaks a story that says U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied under oath at his confirmation hearing about contact with Russian officials.

“The only way for citizens to be able to trust that our government can act with integrity is for Attorney General Sessions to resign his post immediately and for his successor to appoint a special prosecutor to begin a comprehensive investigation of Donald Trump, his campaign, and his administration. Anything short of that is flatly unacceptable and puts our country’s security and our free and fair elections at grave risk.”