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MoveOn Members Rally Against Egregious LGBT Discrimination Laws

In recent days, a controversial new law in Indiana which grants businesses the right to discriminate against anyone—notably LGBT citizens—under the guise of religious freedom has sparked national outrage.

Corporations, celebrities, and entire state governments have taken their business out of the state, and everyday citizens are stepping up to take action as well.

MoveOn members have collected tens of thousands of signatures calling for action in Indiana and now Arkansas, Michigan, Alabama, and Georgia, where similar bills are being proposed.

Can you check out the campaigns below and add your voice to the growing call for accountability for these new laws?

Hold Governor Pence Accountable

Mike Pence has taken the state hostage and gone against the will of millions of Hoosiers. Beware the tyranny of the majority. Demand a recall.

Move the NCAA Out of Indiana

Now that the Indiana governor has signed into law the right for businesses to freely discriminate under the guise of religious freedom, the NCAA should relocate its national headquarters. That move would be consistent with the organization’s sanctioning of both South Carolina and Mississippi for state-sponsored bigotry.


Governor Asa Hutchinson: VETO Religious Freedom Law

HB 1228 is designed to discriminate against LGBT individuals under the guise of protecting religious freedoms.

Michigan Citizens against the The Religious Freedom Restoration Act

We, the citizens of the great state of Michigan, believe that this Act endorses bigotry and discrimination. The state of Michigan should not be subject to this unfair Act!

Reject the Freedom of Religion in Marriage Protection Act in Alabama

Reject the Freedom of Religion in Marriage Protection Act because it is discriminatory, unnecessary, and ultimately will not survive a legal challenge. It will only cause further expensive litigation and harm to our state. The Alabama laws banning same-sex marriage have already been ruled unconstitutional. The State of Alabama has faced several expensive lawsuits because of their stance against marriage equality, and this bill will only create further litigation against the state and organizations who use this law as a shield for discrimination. The State of Alabama has already wasted enough taxpayer money on this issue, at a time when we already can’t afford to pay our bills. Fiscal responsibility alone is enough reason to block this bill. Marriage equality is about to be the law of the land when the United State Supreme Court rules later this term. Equality for all of the citizens of Alabama is a goal our state should be working toward – not against.

Tell lawmakers to stop Georgia’s hate bill

Georgia Lawmakers:

We respectfully urge you to oppose Sen. McKoon’s religious “freedom” bill. It is clear that this legislation would open the door to discrimination and abuse in Georgia.

Take a stand for equality and civil rights by striking down this shameful bill.