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MoveOn Members Join Growing Push for Ceasefire In Israel and Palestine

Washington, D.C. — Today, MoveOn members are expanding their call for a ceasefire amid the escalating violence in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. As part of the effort, MoveOn members—along with progressive partner organizations—are planning a Call In Day of Action on Thursday, November 2, 2023 to urge the Biden administration and members of Congress to use their power to call for a ceasefire. The Day of Action will include calls to members of Congress from MoveOn members and other tactics to urge for an end to the increasing violence, and to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

MoveOn is also endorsing a congressional resolution (H.Res. 786) urging the Biden Administration to call for de-escalation and a ceasefire in Israel and Palestine. Since last week, over 150,000 MoveOn members–and counting–have signed a petition in support of a ceasefire. MoveOn members have also been making calls this week to thank members of Congress endorsing the resolution, and to urge their members of Congress to support a ceasefire.

“We must do all we can to stop the loss of innocent human life. Period. That includes people who were taken hostage, the people in Gaza, and the people in Israel and the rest of the Palestinian territories. MoveOn members have been clear that they support a de-escalation and ceasefire to end the violence in Israel and Palestine, and to prevent a larger regional war. Too many have already lost their lives. MoveOn members have long advocated for non-military, peaceful outcomes and pushing for global leaders to prioritize respect and dignity for human life and adherence to international law. Now, more than ever, we stand by that commitment and priority to protect innocent lives,” said the organization in a statement today.


MoveOn is a people-powered force for progress. MoveOn mobilizes the left to enact progressive change. We are the home base for millions of members who refuse to accept the status quo and are moved to take action. For more than a generation, MoveOn has been a bulwark against the radical right, channeling our voices to end wars, protect democracy, and advance justice for all.